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Programs For Troubled Teens for Families From Ohio

Trails Carolina Programs for Troubled Teens from Ohio Creates a Life Changing Experience

Families searching for Ohio programs for troubled teens that is best for their child can be a difficult process. Sending your child to a wilderness therapy program that is far from home can seem challenging. At Trails Carolina, we understand how hard the decisions you are making can be. To accommodate each family, we offer various family system approaches including family seminars and workshops. Through Trails Carolinas programs for troubled teens, Ohio families reconnect and rebuild their relationships. Programs For Troubled Teens Ohio

Adolescents from Ohio regularly participate in therapies including individual and group therapy, adventure therapy, and family therapy. Our wilderness therapy puts a strong emphasis on the healing powers of nature, and we encourage students to engage in physical activities regularly to help develop healthy lifestyle choices. Some of the activities students get to experience at our program include hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain biking. These experiences not only provide students with exciting and fun opportunities, they also teach them necessary skills to help them achieve success in the real world. Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, teens from Ohio gain a unique, personally inspiring experience with nature.
Programs For Troubled Teens Ohio

Trails Carolina Can Help: Programs for Troubled Teens from Ohio

Many wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens offer traditional therapeutic approaches combined with adventure therapy. What sets Trails Carolina aside from other programs for troubled teens from Ohio is it’s out of state location, which offers Ohio teens a new environment and opportunity to gain the success and life they deserve. 

Programs For Troubled Teens Ohio

Located in North Carolina, next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Trails Carolina offers Ohio families and their struggling youth useful life skills that can be used when transitioning back home and in traditional youth environments. Our wilderness therapy

program has worked with families from all around the country to help them achieve lasting change. Through our family-focused approach, families begin rebuilding their relationships through family therapy sessions, family seminars, and family workshops.

Many of the students who attend programs for troubled teens often struggle with substance experimentation, technology addiction, defiance, lack of achievement, and depression or anxiety. Trails Carolina takes pride in using the best known therapeutic practices including individual therapy, family therapy, equine relational programming, and group therapy.

For more information on how programs for troubled teens can help your family from Ohio, please call 800-975-7303.


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Who is Trails for?

Trails Carolina helps teens seeking wilderness therapy who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Manipulative behavior
– Low self-esteem
– Anxiety
– Adoption issues
– Defiant behavior/Oppositional Defiant Disorder
– Self-harm
– Poor academic achievement
– Family conflict
– Depression
– Attachment issues
– Social isolation
– Trauma
– School refusal
– Gaming and technology obsession
– Learning differences
Programs For Troubled Teens Ohio

Trails Carolina Wilderness Helps Ohio Families From

Some examples of cities from Ohio which may have families who could use Trails Carolina: Columbus Cleveland Cincinnati Toledo Akron Dayton Parma Canton Youngstown Lorain Hamilton Springfield Kettering Elyria Lakewood
Programs For Troubled Teens Ohio

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Helps Families From Ohio

Trails Carolina helps Ohio families from cities and towns like The Village of Indian Hill Gates Mills New Albany Terrace Park Pepper Pike Moreland Hills Granville Upper Arlington Put in Bay Galena

    Trails Carolina Helps Ohio Families From These Zip Codes